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LJ not displaying well due to Vista


I am not sure if this is the right place for explaining my LJ problem, but I hope it is! I tried to send a support request at LJ support but I received no answer since nearly a week.

My LJ has the theme "Bunnylicious Blue" (Expressive) and I also bought a new PC with Vista Biz.

My problem is that the bunny feature of the theme (picture in the header part) won't appear when I view my LJ on the new PC; I get only the blue background!!! I tried to view the page on an XP PC and it views correctly. Therefore, my conclusion is that it must be because of the Vista PC.

I tried to change theme and from the previews it seems that all the Bunnylicious themes do not view correctly but the other Expressive theme view well. But I don't want to change theme.

Can someone pls tell me what's going on? Is only the bunny theme allergic to Vista?? Are other people getting this problem too? Is there a solution? I am getting desperate. Please help!

Thanks you for any replies!
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