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I'm so mad.

To be completely honest, I'm not even sure how this happened.

I was in the kitchen mopping for a friend whom I am housesitting for this week, and when I came back his cat was *on* my laptop. Well, everything was *gone*. Completely. It was like the laptop was brand new, because there was nothing but the stuff on it that it came with - at least, that is what it looks like.

So I search, find my stuff randomly...and here is where I think I made my mistake. My main folder that I save *everything* in? I move it to the desktop. I decide then that I am going to restart after I have done this, and when I do, everything is back.

Except for the folder I moved to the important one...with everything in it.

I have no backup of the files on my computer or on a disk because I get paranoid about stupid stuff, because I actually know very little about computers when it gets down to it. I did try the system restore at a save point from yesterday? That did absolutely nothing for my lost folder. Lost pictures, documents, everything...gone.

I can find the folder, but it says the link is an invalid shortcut now because it has been changed or moved. Any idea what I should do? I could beat myself, really.
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