what katie did next (choujiru) wrote in vistasupport,
what katie did next

Secret Admin account

OK, so here's my problem. A few weeks ago, my main administrator account for my laptop went kaboom. Or more, I could log on, but as soon as I clicked something/hovered over something, the desktop crashed. I could move the cursor around fine, but everything else was just frozen.

However, my spare guest account I made just in case works fine, but it's got no admin capabilities; I can't install any new programs, etc. I heard somewhere that Vista has a 'secret' admin account so I tried to access/activate it -

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- and got that.

So I guess my question is - how can I access the secret admin account from a non-admin account? Or alternatively, how can I access/delete (if needs be) my other admin account (as it's taking up a lot of room on my laptop and I'd really like it just gone if I can't use it.)

I hope this makes any kind of sense?... and any help would be immensely appreciated!

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