Suzume Tori (suzume_tori) wrote in vistasupport,
Suzume Tori

Help! Patch, anyone?

All right. So, having switched to Windows Vista*, I've been slowly migrating my favourite programmes over onto my new computer. Most of them I have patches for, but I can't really afford to buy new versions of a lot of software, so if they don't have a patch, I have a problem. One such programme is openCanvas3.03E Plus. The problem is, even if you try to run the installer for this as an administrator, or go into its properties and change it to run as an XP file, it doesn't want to install. It pops up with the message:

openCanvas3.03E Plus Installer Information: The operating system is not adequate for running openCanvas3.03E Plus.

Technically, I think that the computer has all the necessary specs; it's just that somehow, one of the tests that it runs to see if the computer is compatible comes up negative for Vista. (This is similar to a problem that I had with Painter Classic, but there was a patch for that one.)

I'm looking for a patch, a solution -- anything that works. Even if I have to take apart the .msi installer file PIECE BY PIECE to do it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

*(and no, this is not an option to change, so please, nobody tell me that the solution to this is to downgrade to XP. My old laptop just died horribly; it was an XP. This new laptop has Vista, and non-compatible hardware for downgrading to XP, and it's all that I can afford right now.)

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