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vistasupport's Journal

The Official Windows Vista Support LJ
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All Members , Moderated

This Official Windows Vista Support LJ is here to assist you with your Microsoft Windows Vista support and technical questions, as well as a place to discuss general Vista-related issues.


To increase the chances of someone being able to answer you question quickly and correctly, you should try to include as much information as possible about your computer and the problem. We cannot help you without information so be as thorough as possible. Some information that may be helpful would be:

1. What operating system edition are you running? (Home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, Business Edition, Ultimate Edition).

2. How much memory is currently installed on your system?

3. What is the processor speed of your CPU?

4. What is the brand name (if it has one) and model number of your system?

5. Have you recently installed or uninstalled any software or hardware? If so, what?

6. Do you have up to date anti-virus software installed on your system?

7. Give us a full description of all symptoms you believe are linked to your computer question/problem


1. There are no stupid questions here. What may seem simple to one person is possibly difficult for another.

2. This community is here to help your fellow LJers.

3. We don't call names or insult anyone in this community. Doing this is grounds for being kicked out of the community. If you do not agree with what another member has posted regarding a solution you may post your solution also but please do it in a non-offensive manner. We are all here to help after all!

4. You may add to your post or post it again if you've received more info and want to share that with the group to see if someone can help you with this new information. But please do not just re-post the exact same question and information.

5. People asking for assistance should be aware that this community is not here to fix your computer for you but to assist you in doing it for yourself. This means you must feel someone comfortable with at least following instructions regarding your computer and the suggestions provided.

6. If you ask a question, any answer is just a suggestion. You are responsible for what you do with your computer equipment and operating system. Do not come back and blame others for any results you get from taking suggestiongs. Please be aware that any advise you receive from this community is just that, advise. It is not something you are required to do. We will not be liable if you cannot fix your computer or operating system or if you make the problem worse. If you don't agree with this then please take your computer to a certified and respected repair centre.
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